GAMUT - gimped strings

sheep or beef gut strings by Gamut

diameters for treble, tenor, bass, violin, viola, cello


gut strings by Gamut

beef gut, sheep gut

beef gut string has a higher tensile strength than does sheep gut

Sheep gut in diameters less than 1.00mm has a lower twist of about 15 degrees to increase the strength and is an ideal string for high strings

varnished gut, unvarnished gut

natural strings are hand-rubbed with a light oil

varnished strings have three coats of finish before being hand polished with the oil

"Lyon" gut - high twist

twisted in one direction to about 45 degrees for the optimum combination of durability and flexibility, this type of string is characterized by a tight and visible twist.

soft and responsive

"Pistoy" gut - double twist

three strands of gut twisted in one direction and then the three combined together by twisting in the other direction in rope fashion. The Pistoy has no space in the structure like the catline does and therefore has the same density as any plain gut string

quick response and full, round sound

"Gimped" gut - open wound

twisted wire into the gut. As the process imbeds the wire into the string at the time of construction, there is no roughness. Thinner and having some metal content, the gimped string offers a brighter tone and quicker response than a plain gut string of the same gauge density

extra flexibility

Attention - Due to the spacing between the coils of the metal wire, this type of string is extremely delicate. During the first tuning phase it is therefore advisable to lift the string a few millimetres above the groove of the nut and the bridge, and let it go only when the required pitch is close. As a matter of fact, the spacing of the winding, due to its nature, does not allow the string to slide in the grooves. In this way the risk of damaging the wire is eliminated

written diameter indicates plain gut equivalent diameter

Data sheet

open wound gut
120 cm
United States

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